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Black Raoul
Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula
The Blood on the Cats video compilation (by an English company called Jettisoundz) featured a video of "JB Meets Count Dracula" made in my living room at a total cost to the band of 50p. (for blood red plastic bin liners). The best bits (where Dave J ties the Goth chick to the chair) got left out, but it's still quite a laugh, and features Fantastic Orange Cat Sterling.
Credit: Pat (Monday, 10th of January 2000 - 17 years 76 days ago)
Girl Go
All The Saints

Gigs w/Video

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2015-09-22 The MOTH Club, London England
Black Raoul - Soul Happy Hour
2015-08-29 , Northampton England
Tombé dans les pommes
2015-06-28 Chez Geronimo, Bordeaux France
Tombé dans les pommes - Black Raoul - Animals - Solar Core
2015-04-17 16 Toneladas, Valencia Spain
Shirley Maclaine
2015-04-17 Amsterdam Records, Valencia Spain
Tombé dans les pommes, Partytime, Take The Skinheads Bowling, Black Raoul
2015-03-27 The Playhouse Theatre, Northampton England
2015-01-11 The Windmill, Brixton, London England
Dunkin' Beigels - Black Raoul - Animals
2014-11-13 Hat Bar, Madrid Spain
Mr. Odd
2014-10-24 Zoo Yoyogi, Tokyo Japan
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
2014-08-20 NN Cafe, Northampton England
Who Loves You Now? - Animals - Shame About You - Shame About You - Tombé dans les pommes - All The Saints - Mercy - Mercy - Black Raoul - Shakey - Partytime - D.R.I.N.K. - Shirley Maclaine
2014-06-27 The Lamplighter, Northampton England
Neighbour, Neighbour - Quality People - Gloria - Dunkin' Beigels
2013-12-12 The Musician, Leicester England
Southern Mark Smith
2013-10-10 The James Street Tavern, Oxford England
Singing A Song In The Morning
2013-06-17 The Cake Shop, New York USA
The entire performance - Girlfriend - Big Saturday - Who Loves You Now? - Who Loves You Now? - Holiday - Soul Happy Hour - Mercy - Southern Mark Smith - Baby, It's You - Girlfriend - Just Like Bettie Page - Shame About You - Animals - Last of the Gentleman Adventurers - Tombé dans les Pommes - Black Raoul - Shakey - Partytime - Partytime - Shirley MacLaine
2013-06-15 Spike Hill, Brooklyn USA
Just Like Bettie Page
2013-06-13 The Labour Club, Northampton England
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers - Tombé dans les Pommes - Black Raoul - Southern Mark Smith
2013-02-15 Schauspielhaus Dortmund (Institut), Dortmund Germany
Animals - Partytime - Roadrunner
2012-08-24 Private Party, England
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers - Animals - Mr. Odd - Wildlife - Quality People - Love Kittens - Southern Mark Smith - Vienna Song
2012-05-26 The Labour Club, Northampton England
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
2012-05-07 The Wheelbarrow, London England
Shirley Maclaine - Southern Mark Smith
2012-03-06 The Constitution, Camden Town, London England
Only A Rumour - President Reagan's Birthday Present
2011-09-13 The 100 Club, London England
Out Of Touch
2011-08-30 The Constitution, Camden Town, London England
Beautiful Mind
2010-06-26 The Victoria Inn, Northampton England
Old Snakey
2009-10-13 The Echo, Los Angeles USA
Girlfriend - Who Loves You Now?
2009-10-11 The Echo, Los Angeles USA
Partytime - Zombie Love
2009-10-10 Private Party, West Covina USA
2009-08-23 The Greyhound, Brackley England
Speeding Motorcycle
2009-08-15 The Picturedome, Northampton England
Police Chief
2009-06-09 The 12 Bar Club, London England
2008-10-02 The 100 Club, London England
Brian Wilson - Shame About You
2008-06-05 Yoyo, Shipley England
2007-10-24 The 12 Bar Club Club, London England
Mercy - Daycare Nation - Quality People
2002-06-18 Klein Stadhuis, Ypres Belgium
Sister Death
2002-06-16 Au Casino, Kortrijk Belgium
Partytime - Who Loves You Now? - D.R.I.N.K. - Roadrunner - Bigfoot Motel
2002-06-14 Saigon Bar, Nüremberg Germany
Sweet Jane
2002-06-11 The Onion, Hamburg Germany
Just Like Bettie Page - Whaddya?
1999-09-23 Wetlands, New York USA
Soundcheck - Partytime - Long Night Starts - Falling In Love - Girls Who Keep Goldfish
1992-04-29 J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia USA
The entire performance - She's A Yo-Yo
1990-11-14 9:30 Club, Washington USA
1990-11-11 Paradise, Boston USA
The Entire Performance - Girlfriend
1990-11-05 First Avenue, Minneapolis USA
1989-12-20 Days Inn Hotel Lobby, Atlanta USA
1989-12-19 The Cotton Club, Atlanta USA
1989-11-20 First Avenue, Minneapolis USA
1989-11-06 J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia USA
Big Saturday - Angels
1988-05-02 Dingwall's, London England
The entire performance
1987-03-20 Black Horse, London England
Soul Happy Hour
1986-02-14 The Tube, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne England
1985-11-11 Alabamahalle, Munich Germany
The Human Jungle - Death Dentist
1983-11-24 Kingston Polytechnic, London England
Love Kittens


Monks Of Kung Fu
C. 1996
God's Green Earth
C. 1996
C. 1996


Police Chief
Excerpt from No known Predators DVD, filmed 2009-08-15.
Istanbul Connection


Playhouse Theatre Documentary
A lovely mini-documentary filmed 2015-03-27
Credit: Sonic Barometer
Pledgemusic Video
From the successful 2012 effort to crowd-fund the Last of the Gentleman Adventurers record.
Source of sample for Excellent!
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