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Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
Crowd-funded in under 12 hours, recorded on 2" tape, lush and warm..
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The Jazz Butcher: "Sound And Vision"
Pat Fish: My favorite song of Bowie? I have many, but it is often "Sound and Vision" that I choose. At the time of the release of "Low", I lived with a friend in an apartment in upper floors of the Cromwell Tower in the Barbican. We were unable to start the day, to leave the building or anything else without listening to "Sound and Vision". The energy, simplicity and clarity of this title are incredible.

The Man Who Changed Our World (French)


Pat Fish + David J, Racehorse Christmas Gig, 1993
The Entire Show (34MB)

Pat and David J play 4 songs, and then Alan Moore takes the stage (*that* set is not included in this download)


"Near Perfect Pitch" podcast, Episode #1
The Interview (120MB)

Excerpted from @NearPerfPitch's inaugural podcast Dara Mottahed and Pat (via Skype) chat about recent band history. And football.


Steve Garofalo
It is with great regret that the Jazz Butcher Quartet must announce that Steve Garofalo , our drummer, died unexpectedly at his home in Northampton NN1 on 28th February. Steve was so much more than just the drummer in a band. He was the true, beating heart of the entire operation in every way imaginable, and at the moment it seems inconceivable that the band might be able to continue without him. We are utterly bereft, as is his enormous circle of loving friends and family.

Naturally, we apologise to those whom we are forced to let down over bookings and so forth. If there was a way to fulfil such obligations, we would normally find it, but this is just too enormous for us to cope with at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve's family.


Ah, press.
I'd almost forgotten about press.

Good old press.

It's press week.

I'd almost forgotten about press week.

Australia! Italy! Croatia! France!



Fire Records Re-issues
We have signed a deal with Fire Records of London, who will be re-releasing a bunch of Jazz Butcher records, starting with our most recent effort, Last of the Gentleman Adventurers, in February 2016.

A new album , tentatively entitled "The Highest in the Land", is scheduled for Autumn 2016.


Max Eider Says..
Max Eider's Quiet Life
An announcement may be over-dramatic in the circumstances but perhaps I should confirm that I have decided to give up playing live. I prefer a quiet life these days. But I am forever grateful to Pat and everyone who has helped and supported us over the years. It has been a great adventure. As I said to Pat the other day, when I think of the places we’ve been, the times we’ve had, the friends we’ve made, and the bars we have drunk dry at other people’s expense (we never paid you see), I just feel very, very lucky.

The JBC of course marches on. Pat has turned my departure into an opportunity before now and I have no doubt he will do so again. In truth, he’s already got that covered. And we may yet record together again. The last album wasn’t too shabby after all.

And if, at some time in the future, you should happen to see me propping up the bar at a JBC show somewhere while Pat does all the hard work, do come up and say hello.

Many thanks again

Maximilian Theodore Eider III (aged 55 and a half)

Buy Max Eider's Duck Dance, over at

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  • Submitted for Pats' consideration
    Pursuedbyemail[at] - Pursued By Trees (Cornwall, UK)
    7Feb2017 6:19 AM (21 days 2 hours ago)
    What are the chances of visiting a Jazz Butcher memoir upon the literary world?

    Is this something that you might consider undertaking either as a solo project, or perhaps collectively/collaboratively with your fellow and former conspirators?

    I reckon that this would make for an entertaining and enlightening read, and possibly another great crowd-funded project.
  • Perpetual gratitude
    pressaccofowlow[at] - Old Andrew
    11Jan2017 10:11 PM (47 days 10 hours ago)
    Lads, just another ardent fan thanking you for all the years of sublimely beautiful and odd music. Kitchen dancing, playing bicycle kid for my wee ones, litmus test for potential friends. The joy I feel when I play anything truly gives me hope for these dreadful times. Thank you for everything
  • Dunkin Bagel?
    doc6502[at] - Doc, Chicago
    18Nov2016 7:46 AM (102 days 55 minutes ago)
    I love this version:
  • Paris
    dufourelisa[at] - jean michel Paris
    16May2016 1:53 PM (287 days 19 hours ago)
    Happy to see that the Jazz butcher quartet is on the road again

    We're waiting for you Pat !
  • abus dangereux
    les.guillaume[at] - Pierre Guillaume Brussey
    9May2016 6:22 AM (295 days 3 hours ago)
    3 cheers for Abus Dangereux, french magazine who has very good taste with his interview of Mr Fish: 2 pages, one colour photo and one song (animals) on the CD sampler offered with every magazine !