The Jazz Butcher Conspirators Martin Stebbing
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Role: Producer/Engineer, Live sound North America 1989, 1990
Resides: Chicago, Illinios with his cats Simon, Chester, Pyewacket, and his wife Kottie. Martin works freelance as a studio recording engineer. He has worked with Primal Scream, The Fresh Prince, KMFDM, Poi Dog Pondering, and lots and lots of bad "Do Me Baby" style R&B.
Credits On
Edward's Closet .. Cult Of The Basement .. Girl-Go .. Big Planet, Scarey Planet .. Unconditional .. Western Family .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years
Other Projects
Bass, Guitars for Vergiftung
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  • Long time no see or hear
    mandy[at] - Cornwall, UK
    8Jul2004 9:08 AM (12 years 260 days ago)
    Hello Martin,

    It's Mandy here. It's been along time. Quite surprised to see you are alive and well and working as a Sound Enginer.
    Good for you.
    Well I have 3 kids. I breed horses. And haven't been back to London since. Your Nad amp is still going strong. But our 2 cats, Ralph and Lydia, have died.
    Please email me back, it would be lovely to hear from you.

    Bye Mandy.
  • Peeg
    Not Peeg - Peeg
    5Nov2002 7:13 PM (14 years 140 days ago)
    Peegs of ze wurl, relax.
  • martin's swine impression
    yvonne[at] - eeeeeevon_theLocals
    5Nov2002 8:14 AM (14 years 141 days ago)
    Martin does a hell of a scary impression of a hog. VERY realistic, the depths of his talents are truly endless!
  • martin stebbing ( sound engineer )
    www.allen[at] - chelmsford ENGLAND
    27Aug2002 11:57 AM (14 years 211 days ago)
    is this mr stebbing of G.E.M alarms fame and much under rated super group 80 in the shade,hi martin its ricky allen,please e mail me if you get time and lets hope ive got the right man.
  • wolfhounds
    philip.fisher[at] - Maidstone Kent UK
    25Jan2001 4:24 PM (16 years 59 days ago)
    Sure is I would recognise that anaemic mug anywhere!

    hehehehe only kidding Martin, if you read this drop me a line